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Contract Erectors, Inc. is a member of the STEEL ERECTORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (SEAA).  Here we have access to all new laws and new industry practices for all involved.  We have also been an AISC Certified Steel Erector since 2003, proving we are one of the leaders in the field.  

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  • AISC Certified Erector
  • CCO Certified Crane Operators
  • Rigging/Flagging Certified 
  • Certified Welders
  • OSHA certified Employees


In the Construction Industry, it's a fast paced world and there is no time to waste when a project is started.  That is why Contract Erectors, Inc. would like to introduce ourselves to you as a company which stands for quality work in a timely, safe, and professional manner, providing steel erection services for industrial, commercial, and government projects through the surrounding states.

Contract Erectors, Inc. has been successful in various types of Steel Erection from warehouses, hospitals, ballparks, office buildings, and industrial structures.  Today we have over 85 employees to provide support for any need the project requires and that is an investment we are proud to offer.  

6944 Violet Ridge Ln.

Randleman, NC 27317



Family Owned and Operated


Since 1987

CONTRACT ERECTORS, INC.  •  6944 VIOLET RIDGE RD  •  RANDLEMAN, NC  •  336-674-8012    

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